Winter Contest Rules


Teams must have between 1-4 people, inclusive. Each participant must be in grade 12 (or equivalent: all participants must be pre-college) or under as of the contest date. Although we recommend members of each team to be from the same school for communication ease, team members need not be from the same school. No student may compete on more than one team in a single school year. Participants may not discuss the problems with any members not on their team. Teams may be disqualified if team names are considered inappropriate or form information is not filled out correctly.

Registration takes place online at the NIMO site. The team leader should have an individual account on (note that this is a change from past years). He/she can then register the team by clicking the "Register/Update Team" link on the website, and entering the names of the contestants. Teams may be updated at any point.

Note: International teams may participate as of the Winter 2012 contest.

Contest Format

The contest will be held over the Internet, as the name of the contest implies. However, computers may only be used for communication purposes. Once your team downloads the contest file, you will have one hour to solve and write solutions to the eight problems. Team members are encouraged to work together to solve the problems. You must show work and justify your steps. Answers only with no solutions will be awarded little to no credit.

No aids other than scratch paper, graph paper, rulers, compasses, and protractors are permitted. Calculators are not allowed on the test. Computers are permitted only for communication among team members, typing solutions, and submitting solutions.

Each problem will be given a score from 0 to 7 based on correctness, completeness, method of attack, and clarity of reasoning; the scoring will be similar to that of the International Mathematical Olympiad. Partial credit may be given for constructive progress towards a solution. Your team leader can view the scores through his/her account once they are available.

Note: As of the 2013 Winter contest, typed solutions are permitted. We strongly encourage the use of LaTeX for typed solutions.

Contest Submission

No page should include solutions to more than one problem. Even if your solution is less than one page, please start a new page for each problem.

For handwritten solutions: Please make sure your handwriting is legible and is dark enough to be read by a machine. Write your solutions on only one side of the page. No page should include solutions to more than one problem.

There are two ways you can submit your answers.

Submitting solutions by mail

Staple all pages of one solution into one packet, with the pages in order. Include a cover sheet along with the following information:

  • All members on your team.
  • The e-mail your team registered with.
  • Your team’s name.
  • Your team ID. This will be displayed visibly on the submission page.

If you choose to mail your solutions, please note that it is all right if we receive your solutions after the deadline, as long as your postmark is on or before the deadline. Please send your solutions to the following address.

NIMO 2014 Winter Contest
P.O. Box 11
Fremont, CA 94537

Note that this address is for this year's Winter Contest only.

Web Upload

There is a 16MB limit on submissions. We recommend using LaTeX or another typesetting system to produce your solutions as typeset solutions are easier to read and have smaller file sizes. If you choose to hand-write your solutions, write your solutions on printer paper and begin each solution on a new page. Scan your solutions into your computer. Assemble the scans into a PDF file using a tool such as CutePDF.

Please upload all of your solutions in the same file. Your team will be allotted 30 extra minutes to upload the solutions and submit them. Submissions must be made before 11:59PM Pacific on the deadline date. If you run into issues during submission, please email us to resolve the issue.

Submission is done through the individual account of your team leader. Please submit your solutions as PDF files. Do NOT submit Word documents.