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NIMO Contest 23 Winners

Congratulations to the top scorers on the first contest of 2016:

  1. Jeffery Yu, 46 points
  2. Alex Li, 46 points
  3. Farrell Wu, 46 points
The next highest scorers were:
  1. Lazar Ilic, 43 points
  2. Michael Kural, 41 points
  3. Adam Bertelli, 40 points
  4. Joseph Heerens, 39 points
  5. Swapnil Garg, 38 points
  6. Kevin Li, 37 points
  7. Tristan Shin, 34 points

Congrats also to unofficial participant Alex Katz and Sam Korsky for obtaining a perfect score. Thanks to all 125 contestants who participated!

NIMO Revenge 22 Winners

Congratulations to the top scorers on this year's first of two Revenge contests:

  1. Akshaj Kadaveru, 46 points
  2. Brandon Wang, 46 points
  3. Swapnil Garg, 46 points

Thanks to the 89 of you who participated!

Online Math Open Results

Please see here for the results of the contest. Thanks all for participating!

We'd like to hear your feedback on the contest; please submit this form to send us comments.

Online Math Open --- Fall 2015

The Fall 2015 OMO has started! Navigate to the Contests tab to download a copy of the problems.

Revenge 22 Submissions

We have now opened submissions for the Revenge 22 contest, which will be on December 8, 2015. All contestants are invited (but not required) to suggest problems for the Revenge contest. (You may participate in the Revenge regardless of whether you submit questions; this is just to give people a chance at writing their own problems!)

Click here to access the problem submission form. Please try to submit problems by mid-November at the latest, so the staff has adequate time to review them.

NIMO Contest #21 Winners

We apologize for the several irregularities on this contest. Nonetheless, here are the top scores:

  1. Lazar Ilic, 37 points
  2. Farrell Wu, 36 points
  3. Vincent Huang, 33 points

Thanks to the 135 of you who participated!

NIMO Contest #20 Winners

Congratulations to the three perfect scores on the first contest of the year:

  1. Lazar Ilic, 56 points
  2. Adam Bertelli, 56 points
  3. Jeffrey Huang, 56 points

Thanks to the 106 of you who participated!

NIMO Summer Contest 2015 Winners

Congratulations to the top scores on this year's Summer Contest:

  1. Kevin Sun, 70 points
  2. Alexander Katz, 55 points
  3. Yang Liu, 52 points

Thanks to the 140 of you who participated. We look forward to seeing you again next year!

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